GOAL: Be first to market with an innovative candle design

 Innovation requires looking ahead, not where one has been.  Our client found untapped opportunity within a community in which he was entrenched to create a first- ever product and be first to market.  


This client looked to SP Candle Co to:

  • Coordinate U.S. design patent
  • Provide product design and engineering
  • Provide retail packaging concepts
  • Create molds
  • Prepare samples
  • Manage production, quality control and import



GOAL: Competitively fight off ecommerce sellers with unique candles while lowering cost of goods sold

 Ecommerce has become fiercely competitive. Thousands of sellers are selling me-too products at rock bottom prices to try to win the buy box, while ecommerce platforms are drastically increasing referral and storage fees.  Sellers are left with no choice but to sell at skinny margins or to find ways to reduce their cost of goods of sold.  


This client looks to SP Candle Co to:

  • Reduce cost of goods sold
  • Produce candle vessels, fragrance and packaging
  • Provide product value design
  • Prepare pre-production samples
  • Coordinate production, quality control and import